1st pic CD Coville (61), Eddie Marshall (98) (12A-alltheway)
   11 car in first picture is Eddie Haenelt (Randy Ross)
Picture #1 is CD Coville in the 61 (LVC guy)
   Sorry... but i don't believe that's CD in the 61 car... i'm going to say it's Billy the kid Pauch....(Outlaw Photos)

   2nd pic, Claude Hoard (center)(12A-alltheway)
   Picture #2 is Russ Blake 26, Claude Hoard 272 & AJ Lutes 21 (LVC guy)

   Thats one of the reasons they call him "Marvelous Merv".

   4th...13th and 18th pic down is Art Collins #68 (dlape22).

   Picture #5 & 6 is Gary Reynolds (LVC guy)

   Same as above.

   Don't know the man on the left (can't make out the first name).
   The other guy with Brett and Merv is Buddy Palmer (Randy Ross)

   Picture 8 is...P13 Tommy Wilson...7 Charlie Castle...19 (behind 125) Kenny Brightbill...125 Roger Laureno...2 Carl Reynolds...3 Horton...65 Stan Ploski (LVC guy)

   Milt's son "Slideways"

   10th pic, Claude Hoard (272) (12A-alltheway) & (dlape22)

   Picture #11 83 John Maxon (LVC guy)



   14th down is Dick Larkin #34 (dlape22)
   34 Dickie Larkin (c0astie31)

   Looks a lot like Amy's dad.

   Picture #16 I'll guess as Eddie Marshall. (LVC guy)
   #16 Is without a doubt Eddie (j98m)

   The Ackner win, is a very young Freddie Besch, who was succesful in his #97 Small block street stock and #6 sportsman. (LVC guy)

   You gotta tell me.

   Brett the Jet.


   "Barefoot Bob"