Heres some more !!!.
PS: A gent with a e-mail handle "Aintgottime4this" (ran at the Valley) Found page 5 before I posted on DTD, BUT, number 74 is still unidentified.

   Dave Bischoff.

   Could be wrong, but it looks like the "Judge" behind the wheel. Yup, Jack Farquhar (Aintgottime4this)

   Dick Hansen

   Butch Jelley #24 and Tommy Corellis #28.(Aintgottime4this)

   Ron Mesnsing. (Aintgottime4this)

   Who Is that in the #54, and whats a Reading Pa regular doing at the Valley?? AT Consoli, owner of the car was a priemier photographer, one of the best.
Bob Gerhart. (Aintgottime4this)

   Bob Rossell.

   Jim Schneider. (Aintgottime4this)

   Harold Montanye.


   Jackie Wilson. (Aintgottime4this)

   Bob Gaskill. (Aintgottime4this)

   Art Stromberg. (Aintgottime4this)

   Bobby Bottcher. (Aintgottime4this)

   #74 in Jim Parslow. (leroy28)

   Dave Roberts.

   Jackie Wilson, Marty, and the Lawrence crew. (Aintgottime4this)

   George Henderson. (Aintgottime4this)

   Harold Montayne, motor by DeCarr.

   Denny Soltis. (Aintgottime4this)

Race fans, at 20 pictures a week we'll still be doing this next year.